Responsys - Where to Find System Status Information

Version 2

    System status for each system is posted on Topliners at the following locations:


    Oracle Responsys System Maintenance Calendar (for those with Responsys Insider group access)

    If you are a member of the Responsys Insiders group on Topliners, you may access the Oracle Responsys System Maintenance calendar, which displays upcoming maintenance downtimes scheduled for each pod and the times when the application is expected to be unavailable.


    How System Maintenance Affects the Web Services API

    Oracle Responsys undergoes maintenance downtimes on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. During scheduled maintenance downtime, Oracle stops the Web Services server. Unless your account has Automatic Failover for Transactional Messaging (AFTM), all Web Services API requests will fail during the maintenance period when your account’s system is out of service. Attempts to make API calls will result in your receiving an HTTP response error similar to the following:

    Remote Exception : Transport error: 503 Error: Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Ensure that your client application code is designed to take the appropriate action, which may include alerts to support staff, integration job queuing (because the Responsys system does not maintain a queue), and/or scheduled re-tries.