Accelerate Sales Cycles with Customer Centric Content through Content Portal

Version 11

    The Oracle Marketing Cloud Product team is excited to announce Content Portal, a brand new enhancement to Oracle Content Marketing that enables sales teams to access customer centric content with ease. The Content Portal is now available for all Oracle Content Marketing customers with a Basic, Standard, and Enterprise subscription. Ready to see Content Portal in action? Watch the sneak peek video below:



    Sales teams are typically challenged with the ability to easily find content that is relevant for their buyers across different stages of the sales cycle. As content is scattered across many different areas within the enterprise, Sales Professionals often have to spend significant amounts of time to find content that may not even be relevant for their buyers, is outdated, or generally off-brand.


    Content Portal helps to address these challenges by providing an intuitive, visually interactive portal that enables sales teams to easily find, share, and repurpose relevant content with their buyers, while allowing marketing to distribute content at scale and maintain a framework of  compliance to protect branding.


    Easily Find, Share, and Repurpose Content


    Content Portal comes with a breath of capabilities that enables the Modern Sales Professional to find relevant content for their buyers with ease. Content Portal comes with text based search, advanced filters options, and even allows users to create personal content notifications that enables sales professional to stay up to date on the latest relevant content. Content favourites can be used to build and maintain a personal collection of content from where assets can easily be re-purposed. From the Content Portal, assets like PDF's, PowerPoint Presentations, Images, and Word Documents can immediately be previewed and shared

    across today's most popular social channels as well as by email.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.53.15 (2).png



    Control Content Distribution Across the Enterprise


    To enable marketers to effectively control the distribution of marketing approved content across the enterprise, Content Portal allows Modern Marketing teams to create and centrally manage different portals. Each portal can be created to address the specific content needs for various internal group or teams by providing specific access to relevant content. For example, an Account Management team can be provided with different access to content, than a Business Development, or even a Customer Help Desk. Leveraging the native approval workflow and content expiration capabilities in Content Marketing, marketing teams have the ability to easily control and protect corporate branding and outdated content.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.53.17 (2).png

    Accessible Always. Everywhere.


    Content Portal is designed to scale, and to be used across any device or platform. Content Portal can be embedded in any existing CRM system, and can be accessed from any mobile device or tablet. As Content Portal is built on modern responsive design standards, the user experience is always optimised regardless the device or platform you use. So wether sales professionals are on the road meeting customers, or working from their desk at the office, Content Portal enables them to access relevant, customer centric content with ease.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.53.18 (2).png

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Is Content Portal currently available? How do I get access?

    A: Content Portal is currently released under our Controlled Availability program. To request access, log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request. See the Feature Availability Programs document or contact your account representative for more information.


    Q: How is Content Portal priced?

    A: Content Portal is a per user pricing metric when a customer purchases Content Marketing. Customers will choose a basic trim, with an option to purchase add on users to meet their requirements as they scale their usage.


    LiteNOT includedN/A
    BasicIncluded25 users
    StandardIncluded100 users
    EnterpriseIncluded1000 users


    Q: Can organizations have multiple Content Portals?

    A: Yes, Content Portal allows organizations to create multiple portals providing marketing teams with greater control over content distribution across various internal groups.


    Q: Can Content Portals be password protected?

    A: Yes, Content Portals can be set to be private or public, allowing organizations to authenticate users before they can access content.


    Q: Can users share content across their own social channels?

    A: Yes, Content Portal allows users to share content directly across their private Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.


    Q: Can Content Portal be integrated into a CRM system?

    A: Yes, organizations have the ability to embed the Content Portal in existing systems like a CRM or even intranet pages. An Embed Code is automatically generated within the Portal Settings page.


    Q: Can Content Portal be used on a mobile device?

    A: Yes, Content Portal is natively responsive allowing users to access and interact with the portal across any mobile device including Smartphones, Tablets, etc.


    Q: Can Content Portal users upload their own content?

    A: No, Content exposed within the Content Portal is managed and approved within Oracle Content Marketing. Users with the appropriate permissions can upload and approve their content in Oracle Content Marketing.


    Q: Where is the content within Content Portal stored?

    A: All Content exposed within Content Portal is stored and managed within Oracle Content Marketing.