How to Use the Learning Portal

Version 11

    With the transition to the new Cloud Learning Subscription platform as of Sept. 10, 2018, access to the legacy learning portal will apply ONLY to students with Enterprise access, or another custom training purchase with specified access.


    Welcome to your modern marketing training through Oracle University's CX Marketing Education team!


    The learning portal,, is the tool you'll use to manage your training access and progress. In the portal, you can view available training, launch web-based and onDemand courses and enroll for live virtual (LVC) training (if included with your access).


    The information below will help you navigate the learning portal and perform all the functions needed to access your training.


    Please note: In early 2018, portal updates will be in process to improve display and functionality in some areas.



    Read on to get started and review the course codes and portal icons post to become familiar with these elements and naming conventions you'll see.


    If you're considering a training purchase or have just received notice of an education pass assignment, review the following post on the benefits of training access: What Can I Do with An Education Pass? The post will help you understand where to start in the portal, based on your training goals (i.e. Are you working toward an accreditation or simply taking courses to build skills and expertise?)


    Get Started: Log in and View the Learning Portal Home Page


    The areas outlined in the image below are the main functions you'll need to use the portal. A description of each area is provided below and detailed images of each page appear later in this post.

    Home page 2-7-18.JPG

    • Drop Down Menu (top left): Get quick access to multiple portal functions. If just starting out, view and update any profile information in your profile under Preferences in this area. Be sure to confirm that your local time zone is correct in your profile in order to view the LVC training schedule correctly. If incorrect, update this area to show your local time zone. Other options here include Enrollments, History and Announcements.


    • My Learning Plans > Assigned: Click this area to view your assigned learning plans (the training available to you with your access). By clicking on a learning plan, you'll see the courses included within that plan. For accreditations, including Master and Luminary titles, these named learning plans will list the courses and exam required to earn the accreditation. WBT (web-based training) courses can also be launched from the learning plan view.


    • Training Catalog: Choose this option to view the current scheduled instructor-led courses (LVC) or to view Digital Training. For LVC courses, select your product to view and enroll for courses. Enrollment instructions are provided in the following post: How to Enroll in a Live Virtual (LVC) Course
      • Note that it is not necessary to enroll for WBT or onDemand courses. These should be launched from the Training Catalog > Digital Training.


    • Achievements: After completing all training and exams associated with an accreditation in a given calendar year, the completion of that achievement will be recorded in this area.


    • Learning Library: Choose this option to download course materials before joining a live virtual course (LVC). You can also access lab materials needed for certain LVC courses and exam prep materials (coming soon!) to help you get ready for an accreditation exam.


    Here's a closer look at these main areas in the portal:


    Preferences: View and update your profile


    Most information will be pre-populated for you here, based on your training purchase. As noted above, pay close attention to the time zone setting and be sure this is set to your local time zone.


    preferences 2-7-18.JPG                            preferences2 2-7-18.JPG           


    View Your Assigned Training


    My Learning Plans > Assigned


    In this area, you can:

    1. View available learning plans and understand the requirements for available accreditations
    2. Launch accreditation exams when eligible



    EXAMPLE: B2B Luminary Learning Plan

    Luminary 2018.png



    Training Catalog


    Get access to the training available to you and enroll for instructor-led courses. Features of this page include:


    • Live Virtual Classroom. Search and enroll here for available live virtual (LVC) courses. Choose from the current scheduled dates -- the course schedule is typically posted two or three months in advance.
    • Digital Training. View and launch all web-based training, including WBTs, OnDemand videos and QuickCasts.
    • Information banner: Enroll for instructor office hours (small group session up to 60 minutes) and find other helpful training program information in this area.


    Training Catalog 2-6-18.png





    Select 'Achievements' on the home page to view progress in the skills needed for available accreditations.



    Learning Library


    Choose 'Learning Library' from the home page, then select your product to view and download student guides, materials and exam prep materials (coming soon). The example below shows the list of B2B student guides available for download.


    Learning library 2-6-18.JPG



    If you have questions or need assistance managing your training in the learning portal, please contact the Help Desk at


    Best of luck in your training and modern marketing journey!