Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 487

Version 1

    A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 487.


    New features


    AppCloud Developer Framework


    Added the ability to retrieve a low-volume batch of service instances through the AppCloud API. App providers can now retrieve up to 200 service instances in a single call for Action and Decision services. Note that X-HTTP-Method-Override: SEARCH is required in the request header. See the endpoint documentation for Action and Decision services for more information.


    Platform notices


    The second phase for the deprecation of Legacy Cloud Connectors and Cloud Components will go into effect after March 31st. Learn more


    Support is ending for the EloquaService SOAP API on April 1st, 2017. Learn more


    Additional information


    For additional information and examples, refer to the Oracle Eloqua Developer Changelog.


    To learn more about recent and upcoming Oracle Eloqua release rollouts, including rollout dates, user-facing features, and product notices, visit the Oracle Eloqua Release Center.