Oracle Eloqua Response: WannaCrypt Malware Outbreak

Version 1



    You may have noticed the recent emergency maintenance notifications from Oracle Eloqua between May 15th and May 16th, 2017. While we have no reason to believe we were impacted in any way, we wanted to proactively ensure that the Oracle Eloqua system was protected against the recent WannaCrypt malware attack.


    We recognize that the information in our emergency notifications was quite vague, but wanted to follow-up to provide additional details now.


    Rest assured our systems are protected against this most recent attack, and we are constantly monitoring the platform to ensure we are guarded against newly emerging issues as they arise.


    Thank you for your patience given the last minute nature of these emergency maintenance notifications.


    Next Steps


    No action is necessary on your part.




    Q: Was there an attack on the Oracle Eloqua platform?

    A: No, there was no indication of any attack on the Oracle Eloqua platform.


    Q: What is WannaCrypt?

    A: A very aggressive, and fast moving internet attack, the WannaCrypt outbreak has spread across the globe. Once infected, your computer is encrypted and a ransom is demanded to release the encryption. You can find more information here or


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