OnDemand Video Training Adds Flexibility & Value to Education Pass

Version 2

    intro_vid_thumb.JPGThe product-specific Marketing Cloud Education Pass is your ticket to valuable industry accreditations - from the popular B2B Master title to the newest achievement opportunity, the OTO Master. The learning paths that lead students toward achieving these titles have traditionally included a combination of live virtual course (LVC) requirements and web-based training (WBT) requirements, followed by a comprehensive exam.


    OnDemand Video Training Available


    Now, to make learning and achieving education goals even easier, an important improvement was recently added for all Education Pass holders.


    Drum roll, please!...

    All live virtual (LVC) marketing cloud courses included with an Education Pass are available to view in an OnDemand video version! This course format is now available in the learning portal and access is included with all Education Passes. This addition will help to support the learning preferences and schedule differences of all our marketing cloud students -- adding value, convenience and accessibility to ensure students' success using OMC platforms.


    Instructor-led courses can be completed in either format -- LVC or OnDemand -- for credit toward accreditations.


    Two Education Pass Options


    With this training option added, a new type of Education Pass is now available for those students who prefer an all digital training experience. Please review the details about the Digital Only Education Pass offering in the following post: New All-Digital Education Pass Available

    The two pass types are:


    1. LVC + Digital Education Pass -- provides access to live virtual courses and OnDemand versions of product courses, plus web-based courses
    2. Digital-Only Education Pass -- provides access to the OnDemand video versions of live virtual courses, plus web-based courses



    Not sure which pass type is right for you or your organization? Consider the benefits of each, outlined below. Our education sales team is always available to assist with answers to your questions or course recommendations. Ready to purchase training? Find your OMC product page, review details and purchase online, or contact our education sales team.


    Live Virtual Training (LVC) + Digital-Only Education Pass


    Benefits include:

    • Structured environment for students who learn best in a 'classroom' setting
    • Interaction with a live instructor and ability to ask real-time questions
    • Interaction with other students and opportunity to 'learn from peers'
    • A scheduled time and place for dedicated learning
    • Unlimited access to OnDemand video versions of LVC courses (while pass is active) for review or repeat of courses
    • Live, expert assistance available 'outside the classroom' via Instructor Office Hours enrollment


    Digital-Only Education Pass (OnDemand Video Training)


    Benefits include:

    • Flexibility to watch video courses at any time that fits with student's schedule
    • Online access allows for training 'on the go' in any location with a cloud connection
    • Ability to 'rewind' training modules or topics that require additional review or study; unlimited access to OnDemand courses while pass is active
    • A private training atmosphere for students who learn best by progressing at their own pace
    • Live, expert assistance available 'outside the classroom' via Instructor Office Hours enrollment


    Where Are the OnDemand Training Videos Located?


    For any student with an active Education Pass, the OnDemand video versions of LVC courses have automatically been added to your product learning plan(s) in the learning portal. To view your available training, go to:


    Assigned > Learning plan name > Choose course name > View the LVC version and OnDemand version.


    The image below shows an example of the two course types for the B2B: Fundamentals course, 1) OnDemand and 2) LVC.


    fundamentals LP.png


    To take the LVC version of the course, go to Training Schedule from the home page to enroll. Each LVC course can be taken one time each calendar year, while the pass is active.

    To take the OnDemand version of the course, launch and view the course directly from the learning plan list.


    Our Help Desk can assist with questions or help with navigating in the learning portal. Contact us anytime: marketingcloud-academy_ww@oracle.com.