Oracle Eloqua: CRM Integrations

Version 7

    A study by Oracle revealed that nearly half of the respondents were not striving for full integration of data across channels and were more concerned with strategy or driving insight. While it is important to be forward thinking, it is necessary to ensure that teams share the data they gather to create fuller profiles of their prospects and customers. Two teams that most need to connect – yet aren’t always as integrated as they can be – are Sales and Marketing. One of the best ways to enhance integration between Sales and Marketing is to ensure that the primary platforms they use, their marketing automation platform, and their customer relationship management platform, are integrated.


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    The Oracle Eloqua: CRM Integrations course provides an overview of the possible integration configurations available with Oracle Eloqua and allows you to select the configuration you want to review. You will be able to review every integration configuration or just the option you are interested in.


    This class is intended for advanced Eloqua users who are administrators and power users. We recommend at least one year Eloqua experience, as well as completion of the Eloqua Master certification prior to taking this class. This is a very advanced class where Administrator-level security access will be required for most exercises. Learn more about this course download the attached course abstract.


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