Oracle Eloqua: Profile & Target

Version 6

    Modern Marketers must know how to read and respond to the digital body language of their prospects. Tracking and incorporating this behavior helps with developing personalized experiences, creating relevant content, and measuring lead engagement. In the first topic, Web Profiling, marketers examine how to capture and associate digital body language with Eloqua contacts, track referring sources and visited pages, and generate reports.


    Data is the foundation of all Sales and Marketing activities as it allows them to create compelling campaigns to target the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. In the second topic, Data Cleansing, marketers are introduced to the importance of data quality. It lists the key best practices for effective data management. The class also demonstrates how marketers can create a data cleansing program using the Program Canvas, Update Rules, Lookup Tables, and the Contact Washing Machine App.




    The focus of this 1-day B2B: Profile and Target course is to help customers learn how to uncover and record visitors’ digital body language and standardize the recorded information so that it can be used to develop a marketing strategy. The two key topics covered under this course are:

    • Web Profiling
    • Data Cleansing


    This course is designed for any student interested in learning the skills needed to perform advanced marketing processes with Oracle Eloqua. To ensure full comprehension of the concepts covered in the course, all key tasks discussed in this course are supported with detailed demonstrations and hands-on exercises.


    This course is a requirement to complete the B2B Luminary accreditation. Prior to enrolling in this course, you should have completed the B2B: Fundamentals, and B2B: Engage & Enrich courses. To learn more about the education presented in the Oracle Eloqua: Profile & Target course, download the attached course Abstract.


    This course may be completed OnDemand or via a 1-day Live Virtual Class (LVC), dependent on subscription access.




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