Introducing New & Improved Cloud Learning Subscriptions for Marketers

Version 2

    Beginning in June 2018, Oracle University offers modern marketers a new and updated way to learn Oracle from Oracle -- through the new and improved Cloud Learning Subscription!


    Eloqua CLS.JPGThe Cloud Learning Subscription is a digital learning solution for Oracle education and is available for all Oracle Marketing Cloud platforms. Certain products will also offer an option to include live virtual courses (LVC), in addition to the all digital content, similar to our traditional marketing cloud training subscription, the Education Pass.


    Cloud Learning Subscriptions: New Interface, New Experience, New Education


    The Marketing Cloud subscriptions available from Oracle University are listed below. Click on a subscription name to view a preview of the updated learning platform for training.



    Cloud Learning Subscriptions include all the same training available with the traditional Education Pass, presented in a new, easy-to-use display. Here are some additional benefits of the Cloud Learning Subscription:


    Cloud Learning Subscriptions: Student Benefits
    • Digital content available 24/7 for standard subscription term of 12 months
    • Subscription content continuously updated with new courses, based on new product releases and best practices
    • Education organized by learning path, course or module, depending on how you choose to learn
    • Helpful filters that allow you to search by content level, program, role and more
    • Certification and/or accreditation exam opportunities included, at no additional cost
    • Easily view your training progress, including certifications earned, courses completed and training minutes completed
    • Add courses to 'Favorites' to help you plan your training approach
    • Get assistance when needed through Cloud Learning Subscription Support Help


    Questions? Learn More About Cloud Learning Subscriptions


    How can I see the training included with the Cloud Learning Subscription for my modern marketing platform?

    Cloud Learning Subscriptions are easy to preview in the Oracle University website. Click the links above in the subscription list to preview the training display and see the learning plans, courses and modules included in each product subscription. You can also see the exam(s) included.


    How does a learning subscription work?

    Within each Cloud Learning Subscription, you can learn by following prescribed learning paths, by full courses or by modules. Training is organized in an easy-to-access platform that shows all available training and allows you to quickly search by using simple filters to help find what you need. With every product release, training is added to the related Cloud Learning Subscriptions, so you always keep pace with evolving technology in real-time.

    How can I purchase a subscription?

    Cloud Learning Subscriptions can be purchased by contacting an Oracle University education sales representative, submitting a request with this form, or by purchasing online through the Oracle University website.


    I'm looking for training on more than one Oracle Cloud product. Is there a subscription that provides this level of training?

    Yes, with an Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscription, you receive access to all the Oracle Cloud digital training available, in one convenient subscription. Learn more here.



    For more information, refer to additional questions and answers in the Frequently Asked Questions: Cloud Learning Subscriptions resource.