Oracle Infinity: Fundamentals for Marketers

Version 13

    Big Data is a game changer for Modern Marketers in our digital world. While the utilization of this data is very exciting, it’s important to be able to access it to begin with. This 3-hour OnDemand course is designed to get you familiarized with Oracle Infinity’s capabilities and build the fundamental knowledge you require to be able to access streams and reports which give you a near real-time peek into your audience’s engagement with your digital content. This knowledge will allow you to utilize the data in building stronger Marketing strategies and improve your targeting.



    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Navigate through Infinity
    • Use Streams to access live web activity data
    • Access Infinity reports
    • View existing integrations with other Oracle Marketing Cloud services




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    Additional support can also be found on the Infinity Topliners Page and the Infinity Help page.