Oracle DMP (BlueKai): Eloqua Integration

Version 12

    Does watching all those superhero summer blockbusters make you want to feel super yourself? Well, you're in luck, because the integration between Oracle Eloqua and the Oracle DMP is POWERFUL! And, this new course will ensure you're up-to-speed on the integration from installation to utilization!


    In this 30-minute OnDemand Course, Oracle DMP: Eloqua Integration, you will:

    • Understand the primary purpose of the Data Activation App
    • Describe the process for requesting the Data Activation App
    • Evaluate the difference between Match Multiplier and a Private oHash Pool
    • Define ID swapping and explain the process for configuring asset level ID swaps
    • Configure the Data Activation App
    • Review the performance of the Data Activation App
    • Compare use cases for activating Eloqua contacts classified in the Oracle DMP Integration.PNG



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