Finding Field IDs In Eloqua

Version 9

    If you are using external integration tools there is likely to be a requirement to know the contact field IDs, custom object field IDs and Email Group IDs.


    Depending on your current access level, environment (sandbox) or your abilities with utilizing the REST API you might need alternative ways to find them. Here are the main ways I have found.


    You used to be able to do this via Classic Insight but I don't think it's available in the new Insight which is a shame. It you think this feature should be returned to Insight, please up vote my feature request. If you know any other ways please share too.


    Find Contact Field IDs


    1. Via the REST API   

    2. Via the URL (requires access to fields and views)
      • Top navigation click on the cog icon
      • Go to fields and views and click on the "View" button to see population

      • Locate the field ID in the URL

    Find Custom Object Field IDs

    1. Via REST API

    2. Via Eloqua UI source code
      • Open up the custom object
      • Go to the fields
      • Right click anywhere and "View Frame Source"

      • Press <Control>+<F> on windows computers and search for your field name. In this case I'm searching on "UTM Campaign"
      • Locate the IDs. These correspond to the field IDs. So in this case it is 282.

    Find Email Group IDs

    1. Via REST API   

    2. Via Eloqua Preference Centre
      • Go to "Email Setup" > "Email Groups"
      • Make sure that the email group that you want the ID for has a tick against "Include this Email Group on the subscription management page". You should check before doing this in case you are using Eloqua's subscription page in live email campaigns otherwise you could affect what your database is seeing. Please check before proceeding.

      • Click on the "Edit & Preview Page" button
      • Hit the "Preview" button

      • Right click on the preview page and select "View Frame Source"

      • Then find the email group which in this case is "Con..." in the code and look for the ID of the input. This is the email group ID which in this case is "303"




    Finding Shared List IDs


    1. Open the Shared List
    2. Select ">>" and "Field Values" per below

    3. Then you can see the ID via the URL. In this case 13758.