Introduction to Oracle Data Cloud

Version 5

    In today’s digital advertising landscape, modern marketers face a growing challenge to sift through the noise and find the correct signals to, first of all, find the right audience, and then, to engage with them in a meaningful way that's mutually beneficial.


    Oracle Data Cloud has positioned itself, through the technologies created by six different acquired companies, as a complete solution provider for all your digital advertising needs. Whichever industry you’re part of: brands, agencies, publishers, or technology platforms, Oracle Data Cloud has brought together data and technology to help you better understand your audience, where best to engage them, and how to measure it all.




    This 30-minute OnDemand training gives you an overview of Oracle Data Cloud, it’s origins, its suite of products, and how marketers can use this technology to drive better business outcomes.


    After taking this course, users will be able to:

    • Identify Oracle Data Cloud's Audience, Context, and Measurement solutions
    • Evaluate how Oracle Data Cloud drives better business outcomes
    • Explore how to implement Oracle Data Cloud's suite of products to suit their business needs




    For assistance on the Oracle Data Cloud solution, contact The Data Hotline at



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