Oracle Eloqua: Designing Responsively

Version 5

    We live in a world with multiple devices, and customers today move from one device to another in their quest to always remain connected with the online world and responsive design is necessary to provide users with a uniquely flexible and enjoyable experience no matter where they consume content. This means that modern marketers must design an ecosystem that allows organizations to talk to their customers irrespective of their device and screen size. To support this ecosystem, Oracle Eloqua has redefined the very approach that modern marketers take to create emails, forms, and landing pages. Oracle Eloqua’s responsive design editors have made it easy to create natively responsive, personalized, and visually appealing emails, landing pages, and forms that enable modern marketers to create an experience tailored to the device, and without any HTML and CSS expertise.




    In this 50-minute course, we see what responsive design is and explore the principles that govern responsive design. We also examine some best practice tips for designing responsive emails, forms, and landing pages, and showcase the responsive editors in Eloqua that enable marketers to create responsive emails, forms, and landing pages without touching code.




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