Bulk API v2.0 Documentation

Version 3

    Important:  Documentation for this topic is available in our new Oracle Eloqua Developer Help Center.

    Coming shortly after the release of version 2 of Eloqua's Bulk API, we are pleased to announce the publication of documentation that will guide you through the steps to start working with the Bulk API.


    The Bulk API is a RESTful API designed to support API calls involving high volumes of records. Primarily designed for CRM and data warehousing integrations, you can also use the Bulk API to extend the  functionality of Eloqua's automation engines, Program Builder and Campaign Canvas, and to build applications for The specified item was not found..


    If you have questions about the Bulk API, create a Discussion using the Create menu in the header and post it to Code It.

    Please note that the attached documents are legacy versions, for the current version please visit this topic in our new Oracle Eloqua Developer Help Center.