Welcome to Topliners!

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    Welcome to Topliners!

    Below are answers to a few questions you might have about this community. We also have a Topliners Cheat Sheet! to help you find your way around!


    Who should be a Topliner?

    You! This is the place to interact with others in marketing and sales who are interested in Modern Marketing, including marketing automation and revenue performance management. This community is sponsored by Oracle Marketing Cloud but is open to everyone.


    Can anyone join?

    Absolutely. Even your mom is welcome here. You can view almost all the content in the community without registering, so take a look around. You don't have to be an Oracle Marketing Cloud customer to participate. But we do admit that the certain areas like The specified item was not found., Code It and Dream It, are focused on the Oracle Marketing Cloud products and are geared toward Oracle Marketing Cloud product users.


    How do I get started?

    •    First, you’ll want to register a profile – check out How do I register to become a Topliner?

    •    Next, you’ll want to update your profile so you’re more than just a number – check out How to update your profile?
    •    Finally, you’ll want to jump right in looking for content!


    Where should I start looking for content?

    •    If you’re an Oracle Marketing Cloud customer then your first step should be to bookmark the The specified item was not found. so you can easily find your product-related resources, such as the Insiders Group, Release Resources, and System Status Updates.

    •    If you're an Oracle Marketing Cloud power user - Jump into the The specified item was not found. section to learn how to implement your great ideas. Ask a question of your peers or answer one if you've already tackled that issue in the past. Sharing is caring.

    •    If you're a software developer looking to extend the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s reach via apps, check out the Code It section.

    •    If you’re an Oracle Marketing Cloud client and have a great idea to extend or improve one of the Oracle Marketing Cloud products, then post it under Dream It where our Product Management team will work with you to try and make that dream a reality.


    Why should I register?

    Registered members of Topliners have more options available to them:

    •    You can reply to a discussion or start one of your own.

    •    You can send yourself copies of discussions in email or PDF format to refer to them later or share them with your colleagues.

    •    You can 'like' a discussion or document to promote it within the community.

    •    You can use the bookmark feature to tag items that you find helpful so you can easily find them later.

    •    You can connect to other members and send them private messages to grow your network.

    •    You can follow some of the great Modern Marketing Leaders on Topliners, check out our The specified item was not found. to see just a few of them.

    •    You can earn points and badges as you become a trusted Modern Marketer.

    •    You can join Groups that pertain to your interests. Take a look at the wide variety we have!


    How did Topliners get its name?

    It's a reference to the phrase "top-line revenue" on an income statement. Everyone here cares about increasing their company's revenue while also being successful in their own career. Join in!


    How do I get points on Topliners?

    Check out our full document explaining points and badges. You'll see it's easy to start earning points just by visiting the site!


    Is there a special area for Oracle Marketing Cloud customers?

    Yes. We have created private Oracle Marketing Cloud product-specific groups for our clients so you can not only interact directly with other clients and Oracle Marketing Cloud employees but also you can stay up to date on the latest product release information.  To find your specific product related resources go to the The specified item was not found. and click on the appropriate Insiders group, note you first need to log in or register and then when you visit the group you will see the request to join button.



    More Resources:


    Still have more questions? No problem! Just drop us a note: topliners_grp@oracle.com.