Eloqua Bulk API 1.0: Importing and Exporting Data

Версия 1

    The Bulk API provides bidirectional access to data within Eloqua. It allows you to UPSERT or export a large number of records asynchronously by submitting requests that are processed in the background by the Eloqua application. It is therefore best suited for applications that need to interact with large sets of data, and are able to interact with them in less than real-time.


    The Bulk API is intended to provide the ability to programmatically access and operate every aspect of the Eloqua system available in the User Interface. It will also enable integration between existing systems and the Eloqua platform, with the benefit of leveraging the rich data store in Eloqua and providing actionable marketing intelligence to the enterprise.

    The purpose of the attached Guide is to provide instructions on how to perform data (contact) imports and exports using the Bulk API version 1.0.*

    Revision History:

    20 February 2014: Updated branding to reflect Oracle Eloqua name.

    *Click on this link for the Bulk API v2.0 documentation: Bulk API v2.0 Documentation