RSS Cloud Content in emails

Version 2

    Eloqua has released an app that allows you to take an RSS feed and embed it into an email. This guide will explain how to install and use the RSS Cloud Content in emails app. This guide assumes you are familiar with creating and sending emails from within Eloqua.
    In order to initially install the RSS app, you will need to be an Eloqua Customer Admin, and have access to the "Setup" area of Eloqua. In order to use the app, you need to have access to creating and modifying Eloqua emails from within Eloqua.


    The RSS app allows you to define an RSS feed which can be used to feed the content of the RSS into the email. The RSS content will be captured at time of email send. Users can define the RSS feed, the number of RSS articles to include and the orientation (vertical or horizontal). Default CSS is provided, but users can define their own. Users can also customize the RSS feed URL with information from the contact (such as "industry").


    Installing the App into the Catalog:
    In order to install the app, please click on the following link.

    You will be prompted to input your Eloqua credentials. Please do so, and click "Sign In".

    You will then receive a page similar to the below screenshot. Click "Accept".

    Install App from Catalog.png

    You will receive a confirmation page that the app has been added to the catalog.


    Installing the app into Eloqua:
    Click on the "Catalog" button.
    Click on "Install" beside the name of the app (circled in red on the below screenshot):

    Installing App.png
    Click  on the "Configure" button that appears on the next screen:



    On the next screen, click "Accept"



    You will receive a confirmation page that the installation is complete.


    The app is now installed and available for your users.


    Using the RSS App

    In the email editor, double click the "Cloud Content" button. Find the app named "Embedded RSS" in the list, and drag it onto the landing page where you would like it. Double click, and you will get the following config screen:

    RSS Config.png

    RSS Feed URL: PLace the RSS feed here. Include the http:// at the start
    Number of stories: This is the total maximum number of stories that will be displayed. It is possible that less articles will be displayed if less are in the feed

    Layout: Would you like the articles to be aligned horizontally, or stacked vertically?

    Custom URL Tokens: If you would like to personalize the URL with data stored on a contact, you would add a custom URL token. Click the + button, then select the Eloqua field from the pick list. Then, input the parameter that will be added to the URL Token name (such as "Industry")

    Styling (CSS): You can modify the default CSS styling.

    Preview: You can see how the RSS feed would render.

    Save: Click save when done configuring the feed.





    As of August 6th 2014, there are the following known issues:
    - When  sending an email from within the email asset page (Either through "Test Content and Deliverability" or "Email a contact"), the email is not sent. This does not affecting sending via simple campaign or multi-step campaigns

    * edit Aug 8th, 2014 - updated to remove information around copying of assets. Copying is supported at this time.