Academy Course - Blind Form Submits

Version 6

    Do you want to increase form conversions with minimal customer effort? Do you wish a single email click-through could act as a form submission? Incorporate blind form submits in Eloqua! Learn how to create blind form submit links directly in your emails to gather Contact data with one click. This training topic is part of the one-day, live virtual course (LVC), B2B: Develop and Design under the specialty tenet, Conversion.




    B2B: Develop and Design is available in the learning portal. The Blind Form Submits course topic provides use cases for when blind form submits are a good solution along with step-by-step guidance to:


    • Create a form with hidden fields and processing steps
    • Build a blind form submit link
    • Add additional processing steps to an existing form to support multiple blind form submit links in a single email


    To learn more about this course,download the abstract for B2B: Develop and Design in the course description.


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