Oracle Marketing Cloud - Eloqua Compatibility Review

Version 15



    Eloqua apps developed by Oracle Marketing Cloud partners must be submitted for OMC Eloqua Compatibility Review before being published on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

    The compatibility review process ensures that partners are providing mutual customers with the best integrated experience possible.


    Before submitting a new app for Compatibility Review, the following must be done:


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    To submit an app for Compatibility Review:


        1. Ensure the Eloqua instance is whitelisted.  App should be finalized and hosted in the production environment.

        2. Partner completes and submits the following two documents.

              - Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner Compatibility Review Questionnaire

              - Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partner Compatibility Review Use Cases

        3. The Oracle Marketing team installs the app in the whitelisted test instance and tests the app for functionality and user experience using the use cases provided by the partner.

        4. If issues arise during the review, the Technical Enablement team will reach out to the partner.

        5. Partner is notified via email of the app's compatibility approval.


    Once an app receives compatibility approval, the partner must:


        1. Go to the OPN Get Started page and join the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). For help contact the Partner Business Center.


    To speed up the process, partners can join the OPN before receiving compatibility approval. However, apps cannot be listed until compatibility review is approved.


        2. Go to the OCM Partner Portal and become an Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher. Once the partner is approved, the app listing can be created.