What’s New at Eloqua University - Mid-Year Review  2014

Version 2

    I see Eloqua University as a series of connected highways. Sure, you could teach yourself by trial and error and research, but Eloqua University helps you get to where you want to go faster. Some of you may know me, as I’ve been with Eloqua University for almost 4 years. I started as a hybrid instructor/developer and am now the Manager of Education Development. I wanted to provide a quick overview of courseware development for 2014. Because your All Access Education Pass is all you can eat for a period of time, it is easy to start with fierce enthusiasm and then taper off. You think you have taken everything that applies to your role. This post is to make sure you haven’t missed one of our new releases.  I’m also issuing a challenge… read on to find out more.


    Since January we have released 4 brand new instructor-led courses. That is 12 more hours of instructor guided, hands-on learning! There are 5 new web-based, elearning courses and in December of last year we launched a new genre of classes called QuickCasts. QuickCasts are always under 10 minutes. If our instructor-led and elearning courses are highways… the QuickCasts are pedestrian routes that only locals know about. They serve as our on-the-go modern marketing treats. There are now 9 QuickCasts.


    June 2014 - Course Releases.png


    New roads are important and I’m excited to report on all of our new courses. However, any highway system starts to show wear and tear over time. That is especially true for educational content on SaaS offerings - the UI changes, new features are added, new apps are released.  I am very pleased to share with you that my team has updated 16 courses in the last 6 months. Major updates are announced in our New Curriculum section on Topliners. However, we only announce the big updates. We also need to fill in potholes and resurface a class every once in a while to keep up with changing trends and new releases.


    Challenge: Who has taken all of our new course ware? That is 18 new offerings that have debuted in the last half year. If you answer YES to the challenge – list your top 3 for how they shaped how you think about modern marketing and/or how you do your job.


    This post has really been focused on the first half of 2014. Never fear, the second half looks to be equally exciting. We will debut new courses on topics including:

    • Hands-on use cases for Custom Objects
    • Contact Level Security
    • Asset Permissions
    • A/B Testing and Campaign Testing
    • Big Data
    • And More!


    I will be posting again soon to ask for your input on what other new roads we should focus on building. Stay tuned.