Eloqua University Year End Review 2014

Version 2

    I wrote  a mid-year review that talked about Eloqua University as a series of interconnected highways. As promised the map has continued to expand. Since the start of 2014, we have added a total of 8 net-new Instructor-Led trainings (ILT), 10 Web-Based Trainings (WBT), 11 QuickCasts (QC) and we have updated over 30 courses.


    We have been listening in on your Topliners requests and wishlists (don’t forget the Suggestion Box). Here is what we heard… More elearning options – check. More advanced training – check. What about Custom Objects? – check. A few of the new courses that I want to highlight include:

    • Effective Marketing with Custom Objects (ILT) looks at several scenarios for how to leverage Custom Objects and includes some advanced exercises on Integrating Custom Objects with your CRM.
    • Testing Campaigns and Assets (ILT) which features the brand new A/B testing functionality that Eloqua released this fall.
    • Blind Form Submits (ILT) gives you hands-on experience to harness the power of a form submission with a simple click through.
    • Big Data for Marketers (WBT) clarifies the buzz around Big Data and shows how it applies to modern marketing.


    If you don’t already, make sure to follow Eloqua University; the What’s New sections is where we post all of our new course announcements. Also, in case you missed it, our Director, Andrew Conlan, posted an announcement recently about Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy. All the greatness of Eloqua University will continue, but we are expanding our system of highways to include the Oracle Responsys, Oracle DMP, and Oracle Content Marketing platforms. I am excited for all that 2015 will bring us. We will have more to share at Modern Marketing Experience Vegas this Spring.


    Finally, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our inaugural Modern Marketing Luminaries for 2014. We launched this program in April of 2014 knowing that the rigor would limit who was willing to take on the challenge, but I am thrilled with the quality of the thought leadership produced by our Luminaries. If you are in need for inspirations for your New Year’s Marketing Resolutions, may I suggest:

    1.    Read one Luminary Thought Leadership blog post every Monday morning

    2.    Take at least one new course every month in 2015

    3.    Submit a Markie and reflect on how Eloqua U helped escalate and/or expedite your greatness


    Thanks for being such great students and an inspiration to us as we continue to expand our highways to knowledge.