Oracle Eloqua: Course List

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    Oracle University Marketing Cloud Education teaches modern marketing best practices and how to apply them in Oracle Eloqua. Classes are designed specifically for marketers and provide the skills necessary to succeed. Whether through a Live Virtual Class (LVC) or OnDemand Course, you can learn your way, on your schedule.


    Subscribers can access these courses 24/7 within their subscription. If you're not yet a subscriber, take a few moments to learn more about available Oracle Marketing Cloud Learning Subscriptions and other Oracle University training options. Whether OnDemand or via a Live Virtual Class, learn your way, on your schedule.


    Note: This orange icon identifies courses that are also delivered as Live Virtual Classes (LVC) by an expert Instructor from Oracle University. To view upcoming sessions for all Eloqua classes, click here.

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    A combination of best practices and hands-on product learning orients new users to the capabilities of Oracle Eloqua. Interested in an Eloqua Master accreditation? Refer to the Eloqua Master requirements.



    Our Eloqua Implementation Certification learning path, which includes a first free attempt at the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service 2019 Implementation Specialist Certification exam,  includes a correlated bootcamp.





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    There are currently two types of achievements available for Eloqua, accreditations and certifications. Click each achievement to learn more.





    Advanced Courses




    User Management
    Database Security
    App CloudLVC
    DMP: Eloqua Integration
    OCM: Eloqua Integration
    Oracle Maxymiser: Eloqua Integration
    Data Cleansing
    Web Profiling
    Lead Scoring
    Closed-Loop Reporting Overview
    Closed-Loop Reporting
    Custom Subscription Management
    CRM Integrations
    Configuring and Using the Salesforce Integration App
    Insight for Analyzers
    Insight - Working with Pivot Tables
    Insight - Advanced Dashboard Functions
    Insight - Advanced Criteria Functions
    Advanced Segmentation
    Wildcard Patterns
    CX: Audience: Fundamentals
    Progressive Profiling
    Personalizing Campaigns
    OCM: Pushing Content to Eloqua
    Account-Based Marketing Basics
    Implementing Account-Based Marketing Using Eloqua
    Program Canvas
    The Events Module
    Insight for Reporters
    Live Preview Editor
    Uploading HTML Email
    Advanced Editing and Form Processing
    Preventing Form Bot Submissions
    Nurturing with Custom Objects
    Eloqua Sales Tools
    APIs for Modern Marketers