Oracle Responsys: Course List

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    Oracle CX Marketing teaches modern marketing best practices and how to apply them in Oracle Responsys (B2C). Classes are designed specifically for marketers and provide the skills necessary to succeed.


    Subscribers can access these courses 24/7 within their subscription. If you're not yet a subscriber, take a few moments to learn what comes with a Responsys CLS subscription and other Oracle University training options, talk to your account manager or email our sales team. Whether OnDemand or via a Live Virtual Class, learn your way, on your schedule.


    Note: This orange icon identifies courses that are also delivered as Live Virtual Classes (LVC) by an expert Instructor from Oracle University.


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    This course series is for individuals that are not familiar with Responsys product or what features and courses are available with the Responsys Learning Subscription.  If you are trying to get started with learning Responsys, please take the Essentials Series listed in the next section.


    The Responsys Cloud and Learning Subscription Overview learning path includes:

    • Oracle Responsys Overview
    • Oracle Responsys Product Demonstration
    • Getting Started with the Responsys Learning Subscription





    A combination of best practices and hands-on product learning orients new users to the capabilities of Oracle Responsys. The Essential Series is the course requirement for the B2C Master accreditation. Interested in a B2C accreditation? Refer to the B2C Master requirements.


    Please note that the training dates below are for your reference only - to enroll, please visit your Responsys Cloud Learning Subscription portal.


    B2C: Essentials Series  Training Date
    Start Time and Time Zones

    Topics include:

    • Essentials of Navigation
    • Essentials of Data Sources
    • Essentials of Audience Designer
    • Essentials of Segment Groups
    • Essentials of Managing Content
    • Introduction to RPL for Marketers
    • Essentials of a Basic Email Campaign
    • Essentials of Dynamic Campaigns
    • Essentials of Program
    • Reporting with Interactive Dashboards

    January 15 - 17

    January 28 - 30

    February 11 - 13

    February 25 - 27

    March 10 - 12

    March 17 - 19

    9:30am EST / 2:30pm GMT

    9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST/ 5:00 pm GMT

    9:30am EST / 2:30pm GMT

    9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST/ 5:00 pm GMT

    9:30am EST / 2:30pm GMT

    9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST/ 5:00 pm GMT




    Refine your marketing processes and deliver more effective campaigns. These courses are recommended for all marketers, no Oracle Responsys (B2C) product knowledge is required.



    Build on your B2C: Essentials product knowledge with these in-depth courses that teach the advanced concepts and platform features of Oracle Responsys.


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    You can access some Responsys courses from Oracle University’s Oracle Marketing Cloud’s learning subscription for FREE using an Oracle account. Details on how to access free Responsys training are given on the Access Free Responsys Training page. To view this page, you need to be a member of the Responsys Insiders Group.


    If you are not a member of this group, visit the How to Access Free OMC training page for more details.