Planning Private Training Events for Groups

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    When a company makes a large investment in marketing automation platforms, it's imperative that their employees become skilled on how to use them as quickly as possible. Oracle University CX Marketing offers private training opportunities, designed for groups of 16 or less, to facilitate effective learning. Private training in your preferred Oracle CX Marketing product provides a customized experience that can result in a shorter learning curve, faster onboarding, and better value from your technology investment.


    OMC Academy-clr.pngO_University_clr.bmpPrivate Training Options


    A private training event can be arranged to deliver education for any current Oracle CX Marketing product. Events are commonly planned to train employees in the Eloqua Master curriculum (Eloqua Fundamentals Series) and the Responsys Master curriculum (i.e. Responsys Essentials Series). Web-based pre-requisites may be required to be completed prior to the private event. If required, information about how to access these courses would be provided by your OU CX Marketing representative.


    Many other courses that are designed as instructor-led sessions can also be delivered in a private setting. A customized event that meets the unique needs of your business can be planned with a member of our sales team and delivered by one of our expert instructors. Please contact us at


    Accreditation Opportunities


    Private events that include instruction in all course requirements for various titles can prepare students to earn important accreditations. The available accreditation opportunities can be included as part of -- or as a follow-up to -- a private training event. If planned with your event, accreditation can be achieved by participants who complete the associated exam to demonstrate proficiency in the principles and best practices of the specific product platform.


    If accreditation for participants is a goal of your private training event, be sure to discuss this with your representative to ensure the required courses are included in your event. Arrangements for completing accreditation exams can be made with your sales team representative when planning the training event.


    Training Locations


    Private training events are designed to deliver a highly-focused and convenient experience for participants. Customers have several options for the location of a private event, including their own business offices, an Oracle office location or a third-party location, such as an independent training center. Your sales team representative will work with you to choose the best location for your event.


    Plan Your Private Event


    To begin the process of planning a private training event for your group, contact the Sales Team at or submit an information request. A representative will work with you to identify your company's training needs and choose the appropriate  courses for your event.


    To view a list of courses related to your Oracle CX Marketing product, refer to our course list.