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    Welcome to the Content Marketing Release Center. Here you can find information about recent and upcoming Oracle Content Marketing release rollouts. This page reflects the most up-to-date information available. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates.


    Release Highlights

    Please review the release highlights below, and check out the What's New document for more detail regarding Content Marketing updates:

    Oracle Content Marketing December 2017 Release

    (December 15th, 2017)



    Content Marketing will now include all types of calendar entries in a single iCalendar (ICS) file that can be shared within your organization. Each ICS file will contain only the calendar entries for a particular view - so if you create a view that only contains entries relevant to Marketing Operations, that team also has the option to view that data on a calendar of their choice. Learn more


    We are making visual improvements to the calendar. All user actions available on the calendar will be changed from buttons to a set of icons.



    You can now quickly duplicate a content asset again in the Library by selecting More > Duplicate. Selecting Copy to Business Unit will prompt users to copy assets across Business Units and configure fields. Learn more



    Taxonomies is now generally available for all customers.




    Oracle Content Marketing November 2017 Release

    (November 17th, 2017)



    We are adding the ability to create Public Calendar Views. Public Calendar Views enable marketers to create read-only views for users who do not have user accounts in Content Marketing. Users provided with a Public Calendar View are able to view all marketing activities within the calendar. Learn more



    When copying content to other Business Units, we are adding the ability to configure values for Custom Fields. Learn more





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