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    Marketing Automation Administrator Needed


      Apex systems is looking for a Marketing Automation Administrator to sit in Madison, WI for one of our clients.  This position must sit on-site, after 3 months up to 40% remote work is possible.


      Please send any resumes and cover letters to sworple@apexsystems.com.


      Become our client's Eloqua expert and enable them to grow Eloqua from a medium-scale implementation to a full enterprise platform supporting a comprehensive learner engagement ecosystem. Bring your deep, enterprise-scale Eloqua experience and your ability to work directly with marketers and communicators, helping them achieve their goals using modern marketing tactics. Ensure that Eloqua contributes clean, well-managed data to support our learner recruitment and outreach goals.


      Position Summary

      The client is currently using Oracle Eloqua to conduct marketing and recruitment email campaigns for both undergraduate admissions and the wide variety of programs offered by the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS). We have recently also acquired Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio as the text-messaging solution to complement Eloqua. Eloqua is already integrated with our Salesforce CRM recruitment platform, while Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio integration is upcoming.


      For this new position, DCS seeks a talented expert who will support a marketing automation service, welcoming a diverse pool of existing marketers and communicators into these new platforms. Bring your hands-on experience administering marketing-automation platforms to become the technical leader for Eloqua. We especially welcome administrators who could also teach marketing automation skills to busy professionals who may only have experience using traditional communication tools and approaches. Your mission includes contributing to building a 360-degree lifelong learner view, so that learners engage with the client as a single, well-coordinated institution and so that the client engages with learners as their lifelong partner for their educational needs.


      While you will be the primary technical lead for the marketing automation tools, you will be joining a growing team of professionals who are driving the client forward in terms of recruitment, marketing, and modern enterprise IT platforms. Within Division of Continuing Studies we have a deep bench of digital marketing professionals, who produce marketing and communications content and plans for DCS, and we are building a central recruiting team serving professional graduate programs. And as a technical administrator of Eloqua, while you will support broader needs, you will collaborate with a technical colleague who already serves as Eloqua administrator for one partner division. You will also join a larger network of engaged in governance of the CRM and marketing automation services. Furthermore, longer-term roadmaps lay out a bright future for expanding the scope and scale of marketing automation use at the client, starting specifically with this initial position.

      Additional Information


      After 3 months, up to 40% of work may be conducted remotely. Regular in-person engagement in conversations and meetings is expected permanently.


      Principal Duties

      Develop and maintain marketing automation platforms to enable professional and nonprofessional marketers and communicators across the organization to appropriately and efficiently send communications and automate their marketing.


      As the marketing automation administrator, provide outstanding support to users while ensuring adherence to sustainable, scalable configurations and business practices. Help establish and maintain healthy enterprise marketing automation practices while supporting shared tool use across a diverse population of independent departments. Technical tasks may include:

      • Design and prototype proof-of-concept solutions within Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio.
      • Configure and modify security roles, permissions, and user accounts within your platforms.
      • Configure and modify organizational/business structure within your platforms to meet evolving needs.
      • Ensure data quality, including avoiding and resolving duplicate contact records.
      • Maintain and modify data integration configurations between Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and other systems, especially Salesforce CRM.
      • Negotiate and design new external data integrations into Eloqua and/or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
      • Propose,specify, and upon approval either execute or outsource technical projects when needed by the marketing automation service.
      • Manage and maintain audience segmentation.
      • Implement diverse lead scoring methods for independent business units.
      • Design and build custom reports that support the marketing and communication needs of the client.
      • Bachelor's degree
      • 3 years of experience working in day-to-day operations of marketing automation platforms, including responsibilities such as system administrator, trainer, consultant, and/or end user.
      • 1 year experience as an Oracle Eloqua administrator or implementer in complex enterprise settings containing multiple independent business units, including hands-on design and build responsibilities within:
        • Program Canvas
        • Program Builder
        • Custom data objects
        • Contact security
        • External integrations
        • Lead scoring
        • Dynamic content
      • 1 year experience writing and editing HTML and CSS code for professional web and/or email designs.
      • Experience as user or administrator of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio.
      • Experience designing complex decision-tree-based marketing automations (campaigns/workflows).
      • Experience as a database administrator.
      • Experience as user or administrator of an enterprise CRM.
      • Experience as a WordPress administrator, preferably also as a Gravity Forms administrator.
      • Experience in higher-education IT, marketing, communications, recruitment, admissions, or student services.
      • Experience as an employee of a large institution of higher education working with a variety of institutional stakeholders across divisional boundaries.
      • Experience designing and conducting trainings on the use of software or new business processes.
      • Experience teaching or training in the field of modern marketing and communications.
      Minimum QualificationsPreferred Qualifications

      Qualifications or training in Eloqua, Salesforce, ITSM, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, and/or equivalent practices or methodologies.