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Allow users with "view" permission to shared filters to add and save in segment.

kncasillas Posts: 15 Red Ribbon
edited April 2018 in Dream It

Where do I begin.

We have several SYSTEM shared filters that are essential to our processes and should NOT be edited by anyone other than admin. However, several users should be able to view and use them in segments (without editing).

The problem: The way Shared Filters work now is that if a user adds a shared filter to a segment and saves the segment, then Eloqua registers this as an "edit" to that filter, when actually NO Changes were made. This means that a user with "view" only permission cannot actually save segments referencing the shared filter. And while a user with "edit" access can include shared filters in their segment, there is a HUGE risk of accidentally editing the shared filter which could cause HUGE problems in other areas. (*additional this gives admin ZERO help at identifying who actually last edited the shared filter, as it's recorded as whichever user referenced it last in a segment).

This is a common problem with different use cases, as I've noticed similar "dream it" requests popping up-- so VOTE VOTE VOTE!

I also had a support ticket around this issue SR 3-16866831351)

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