Salesforce.com integration APP limitations

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Has anyone compiled a list of the things that can't be migrated from the Legacy Salesforce integration to the new Salesforce.com APP?

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  • Devon Guerrero
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    Autosynchs that

    • Use a CSV or SFTP as a source (data import/export cannot upsert records on CDOs or perform post import processing)​
    • Add or remove contacts from an Authenticated Microsite
    • Delete contacts
    • Generate custom contact or company asset activity
    • Mark contacts as bouncebacks
    • Set contact email format preference
    • Delete companies
    • Create opportunity history
    • Update picklists​
    • Update lookup tables
    • Update page tags
    • Update Event module CDOs

    Only Contacts, Accounts, Opportunity, User, and non Event module CDOs are approved data destinations for Import tasks.