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Alert for custom data object update

Yoshihiro Ito
Yoshihiro Ito Posts: 5 Green Ribbon

Please support the function to immediately send an email to the specified email address when there is the custom data object update.

That function is necessary to instantly grasp the behavior of customers and take the necessary approach.

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  • Ioana Stofor - LogDMS.com
    Ioana Stofor - LogDMS.com Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
    edited January 19


    In the meantime, if you want to receive a notification when a CDO record is created or updated, you can use the CDO Services where you can add Processing Steps.

    Open your Custom Data Object> Click on the Custom Object option from the right side of the screen, right beside Header Fields & Reporting> Select Custom Object Record Services, the 4th option> You will see two options: New Data and Modified Data> Click on Modified Data> Add Processing Steps> Select Email Notification> Configure it as needed> Save the Processing Step> Then click on the little gray arrow beside Modified Data and Enable the Service.

    The CDO Services run every 15 minutes.

    I hope this helps.

    Warm regards,

    Ioana Stofor

    Marketing Automation Coordinator


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