CX App product fields inside App Configuration in Program (Service related endpoints)

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We are developing a cx app and we are currently working on the Service Configuration endpoints.

However, we are unable to retrieve the product information (fields/columns) using window.parent.postMessage (amsAction = "product"), returns 403 (Forbidden).

The metadata call (amsAction = "metadata") works normally.

There's two calls, one for metadata (working) and one for product (403 forbidden).

I tried to change the app's permissions on AMS. I added all the (readable) options available, without success.

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Best Answer

  • Pankaj Kumar P-Oracle
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    It seems you have disabled 3rd party cookies in your chrome browser, which is preventing AMS cookies to be saved on the Responsys page. Please enable the 3rd party cookies to make it work.

    After this the product call should be working fine and it would look like this for your service instance:

    Please let me know if you further assistance.