Design Editor Environment within Dynamic Content

AP_Steele Posts: 5 Red Ribbon

Would love to see a design-editor style WYSIWYG available within the Dynamic Content editor. Currently stylizing things like buttons, etc. is more complicated and time consuming in just the rich text editor.

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  • Cheli
    Cheli Austin, TexasPosts: 24 Gold Medal

    OMG yes, I would love this. :) Bring the rest of E9 Eloqua to the E10 world, please! :)

  • GND2018
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    I completely agree!! I always have to use HTML coding and create Tables to have buttons or different columns in Dynamic content which makes them no longer responsive.

  • Stephanie Manley
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    I agree as well, I am finding things a bit off when I create from the design editor. I find things do not always align with the WYSIWYG editor and what I see in Outlook.

  • kpindle
    kpindle Westminster, MDPosts: 47 Bronze Medal

    I agree on needing this. It's a bummer Oracle has chosen not to have this on the Eloqua product roadmap. Dynamic content often isn't usable if it won't render properly. The current DC editor isn't responsive so you have to know HTML to fix any rendering issues...and many can't do that. Not user friendly

  • derek.bell
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    Hello - the workaround is to build your "content" for Dynamic Content in the Email Design Editor and then export it to HTML - actually you can simply "Copy to Clipboard" and then paste it into the SOURCE "SRC" section of the Dynamic Content Editor.

    It does get a little cumbersome, but since we started doing this a few years ago, our use of Dynamic Content has gone through the roof.

    You just end up with a bunch of emails that aren't really "emails", you're just using the Design Editor to build content.

    It is disappointing that this isn't being addressed by Oracle, it's a significant block to ease of use and maximising what is a key functional aspect of Eloqua. Perhaps Oracle could provide an explanation as to why they're not updating the Dynamic Content editor.

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  • Malcolm Aldridge
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  • kpindle
    kpindle Westminster, MDPosts: 47 Bronze Medal

    Agreed, great workaround, Derek! Thank you for sharing