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We are excited to announce that Oracle development teams will soon upgrade all Oracle Unity environments to the next generation of our solution that leverages Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). While Unity’s capabilities and user experience will remain unchanged, this major upgrade will provide several benefits including:

  • Performance improvements: Continous monitoring of all aspects of system performance and makes adjustments autonomously to ensure consistently high performance as workloads, query types, and number of users vary. Unity customers can expect improved speed of the platform such as faster returns for user counts on segments.
  • Improved scalability: Autonomous management enables Oracle Unity to run on a high-performance, highly available, and secure data warehouse that reduces operational and administrative costs, and enables Unity customers to seamlessly scale as their business grows.
  • Enhanced security: Provides a unified security control center that identifies sensitive data and masks it, issues alerts on risky users and configurations, audits critical database activities, and discovers suspicious attempts to access data.

In advance of the upgrade, users must whitelist the following SFTP server IP addresses for data ingestion.

  • IAD Trial/Prod:
  • FRA Trial/Prod:

Business users should not notice a change with the upgrade, but technical users working with the data may notice new data types.  Text data types will be mapped into two types, STRING and TEXT, with a supported length of 500 and 8000 characters respectively. Customer data currently in STRING format with a maximum length of 500 characters will upgrade automatically. Data in STRING format that exceeds 500 characters will be converted to TEXT format when upgraded. Please see product documentation here for more detail.

All Oracle Unity instances will be available during the upgrade however, there will be a required two-day quiet period to successfully prepare for the upgrade. Users may access their instances during the quiet period but are asked to please avoid making any of the following changes to instances.

  • Do not update connector mapping/URIs or file formats
  • Do not add new connectors or sources
  • Do not update the DW schema
  • Do not update DW mapping scripts
  • Do not ingest new data
  • Do not delete jobs

Any of the above changes made to an instance during the quiet period will not be upgraded and have to be re-created following the upgrade.  

More information will be shared closer to the scheduled upgrade date. Please reach out to your Oracle account representative with questions and/or concerns.

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