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Making YouTube embed app in landing pages responsive

We are using more and more landing pages (building via WYSIWYG) in Eloqua and currently the YouTube embed app does not allow for the video to be responsive. It's a very bad user experience when people are visiting our landing pages from their mobile phones.

Anyone have a work around? Is YouTube the problem?


  • Jenn Clauss
    Jenn Clauss Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

    Hi Kristin, I've had this same issue with the Vidyard Player Embed. I think it's an unfortunate byproduct of the apps. 😕 My workaround is just to copy and paste the responsive embed code from Vidyard (or in your case, YouTube) into a custom code block on the landing page. I know this isn't the best user experience for marketers producing landing pages, but it does get you the desired result.