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Outlook Line Bug fixes within Eloqua Responsive (Design) Editor?

AdamBKing Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 9, 2021 9:12PM in Developer Tools

Looks like this bug has been around a long while (blogs here documenting it) but wondering if there have been successful "fixes" lately from this community --specifically within the Responsive Editor.

I am still seeing this in emails but unable to confidently address the issue in even a semi-scientific way. Example below where the email body color is coming through a module's assigned color in Outlook.

How have you addressed it within the Responsive Email Editor?

This Knowledge Fix did not work for me:


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  • Jenn Clauss
    Jenn Clauss Posts: 14 Red Ribbon

    Hey Adam, I found a fix for this in an Email on Acid blog post. I place a custom code block beneath the text block, directly above where the white line is occurring and put this code inside:

    <!--[if gte mso 12]><br /> <![endif]-->

    You can set the padding of the custom code block to 0 so it doesn't alter the design. You could save it as a custom block so end marketing users could add it to emails as needed if they notice the issue while testing.

    It basically creates a line break in Outlook so the background color doesn't bleed through into the design.

    This is what the fix looks like in the Responsive Editor:

  • AdamBKing
    AdamBKing Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon

    Thanks for sharing what worked for you, Jenn. I'm glad you found a solution.

    Unfortunately this "Ghost Break" method doesn't solve our issue and not sure why. I've tried many numbers of combinations for where to place that custom code block... to include padding, not to include padding... to short the padding in the content block above it/below it... etc, to no avail.

    Perhaps the two column nature of that creative for us is causing limitations for the Ghost Break. Not sure.

    And due to our emails being comprised of modules that change colors from module to module, assigning a background in the head doesn't work either.

    Keep the solutions coming, Topliner Community!

  • AdamBKing
    AdamBKing Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon

    @Jenn Clauss , the font sizing does do the trick and while not ideal - atleast is a change that has an immediate impact during testing.

    Curiously (frustratingly) enough, the font size was already an even number (16px). Setting it to 14px removed the line. 15px brought it back. 16px brings it back. However an 18px headline doesn't seem to create issue.

    Also frustrating is that if I simply duplicate the same "good" module (found at the top) with it's duplicate directly above it, a white line appears between the two modules similar to what is happening between 3 and 4 above. So while there seems to be a correlation to the font sizes changing vertical distance traveled within a module, there also seems to be a correlation to distance traveled outside the modules.

    Not exactly a good situation, but atleast we've uncovered something that can fix it in a small way.

    Appreciate the collaboration!

  • Jenn Clauss
    Jenn Clauss Posts: 14 Red Ribbon

    @AdamBKing You're welcome! Glad that worked. I agree that it's frustrating—the solution seems to be really inconsistent like so many Outlook rendering bugs. The other thing that seems to cause the white line is line height, but tweaking that can significantly change a design, too.