Insights Report - Overlap Custom Contact Filter with Database Health

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build an Insight Contact Report and overlay it with how many are unsubscribed. Unfortunately, Support said that this is "custom". Having this would allow for a "Total Addressable Contacts" tile for an Insight Dashboard. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.




  • Otilia Antipa-Oracle
    Otilia Antipa-Oracle Principal Product Manager Posts: 111 Employee

    Hey Dan,

    We do have a metric called "Reachable Contacts", reachable contacts are contacts with email addresses that have not hard bounced or have not globally unsubscribed. Would this work to meet your criteria for addressable contacts?

    Another option is to:

    • create a new report with the Contact Database Health subject area
    • pull in the Total Unsubscribed Contacts and apply a filter to only show those with a value of 0
    • hide the column of Total Unsubscribes
    • Create a performance tile based on the total

    Happy to chat more to make sure you have a solution, [email protected]