Automatically insert the date of sending the email

Yoshihiro Ito
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I would like to be able to automatically insert the date of sending the email into the body of the email when sending it. For example, if the date can be inserted as part of the parameter of the URL in the body of the email, the date of sending can be easily identified, making analysis easier.

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  • Peter_Pxs1
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    We plan on using Eloqua for mass-mailing to our 7000+ employees and to external stakeholders, mostly press. For some of our mails -finance related press releases-, the date & time of sending is a legal requirement. We have to send in 3 languages (EN/FR/NL) externally and at least 2 (NL/FR) internally and have to take into account a lot of parameters. So it would be much easier if we could simply use a date/time code (as is possible in Acoustic Campaigns, the tool we're still using before full Eloqua implementation for our service).

  • Long time missing feature of Eloqua. Workaround is to put an Update Rule to datestamp the contact field and then field merge from there but it simply does not scale very well.