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We're pleased to inform you that the 22A release for Oracle Unity is now live in production! It's jam-packed with new features covering areas like governance, security, data science, and improved UX! Below you'll be able to dig through all the new feature summaries as well as supporting documentation.

Here are the big highlights you should look for in this release!

  • Additional out-of-the-box ML models: New campaign recommender and fatigue segmentation models to help you intelligently drive audiences in (and out) of the right campaigns
  • New integrations: New outbound integrations with AWS and Salesforce CRM that enable you to seamlessly move data from Unity into additional clouds
  • Security and Privacy: As of February 2022, Oracle Unity is now ISO 27001 certified and SOC2 compliant, aligning Oracle Unity even further with industry-standard security and privacy best practices.
  • Improved UX: Users with large monitors rejoice! Oracle Unity's screen resolution automatically adapts to the device you are using and now has a responsive layout

22A Summary

December 2021 / January 2022 release overview:

Release Date: January 27th, 2022

What's New

New Feature Summary

February 2022 release :

Release date: February 24th, 2022

What's New

New Feature Summary

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