Multiple records in Segment?

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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to have same email addresses with multiple records on segment. The logic is the email address may have multiple Renewal ID and each record must receive eDM.

Is there anyway to do this with segment and canvas? Thank you!


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    Hi Rain1995

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    I have reviewed the question, and It's not possible to have duplicate email addresses with multiple records on the segment.

    However, it can be done via a CDO set via CDO Services or Program Builder.

    CDO services, specifically the Processing Step(s) 'Send Email'. In the setup of that Processing Step, there is a configuration called 'Send Email To' where you will choose the CDO field, which contains the alternate Email Address instead of sending it to the Linked Contacts.

    A custom object can have one of the following types of relationships:

    One-to-one relationship: where each custom object has a single custom object record.

    One-to-many relationship: where each custom object contains multiple custom object records.

    Please follow the below link for more details on CDO and CDO services:



    Please be aware that using such flow will not register activities in contacts, as the above is done through a Custom Object, and custom object records do not have activities.

    Feel free to let us know if you need further clarification and assistance.


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