Email Send Method as an Attribute in Insight

Cole Ericson-Oracle
Cole Ericson-Oracle Marketing Operations & Systems SpecialistPosts: 13 Employee

It would be nice to be able to see which of my emails I sent via STO (and what kind of STO) as compared to a bulk blast or a batch send.

I'm comparing our deliver-ability and engagement metrics with each send method to see if one works best for a group of Segments over another.

See the doc attached for further explanation


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  • Cole Ericson-Oracle
    Cole Ericson-Oracle Marketing Operations & Systems Specialist Posts: 13 Employee

    Could this work like adding another option under "Sending Options" or a mode under "Scheduling" on the email step in the canvas so that when Contacts reach the email step, they wait until this date before the email sends to them?

    This way, we don't have to add a bunch of wait steps to the canvas and the bonus is that you could add an app to Eloqua that would show you emails with upcoming send dates in active Campaigns and how many Contacts are expected to get this email.

    This level of reporting would be a game changer for my organization because we are currently managing an email send calendar outside of Eloqua which often misses emails that are scheduled in Eloqua that someone forgot to add to our calendar.

  • Thanks for posting. Schedule based information could be an interesting addition to the marketing operations center.

    In terms of measuring STO performance, be sure to use the Email Analysis dashboard for some visualizations comparing STO sends to non-STO sends. To get more detailed and compare individual assets, in Insight, the Account Activity subject area includes Email Send Attributes which includes STO sends. That subject area would allow you analyze email performance at the Account, Campaign, Asset, Email group levels using activity totals.