Why a custom Intelligent Attribute is not getting activated?

Amrisha Shukla
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I have created the definitions for the DSV, MODEL and CUBE. But the while creating the Intelligent Attribute (IA), if the key "active" is set to true, the attribute is not created. When "active" is set to false, the attribute is created, but is not able to activate afterwards, from the UI.

What can be the issue? How do I know if all of my definitions are correct?

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  • Sachin Jain-Oracle
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    Hi Amrisha Shukla,

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    I have reviewed the question, and I believe the Eloqua support team can help in such cases. So please raise a support ticket.

    If you would like to continue the discussion here, please feel free to post your comment or feedback.


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