Is there salesforce sync order management functionality available on salesforce integration app

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Hello Topliners,

I am handling multiple import syncs on Eloqua - Salesforce integration app. I was wondering if I can set priorities or manage the order of import-sync execution.

For example, import sync A must execute before import sync B.

I know we can manage the execution with delays and schedule but here my import syncs are dependent on each other. For example, if import sync's scheduled import overlaps and import B executes before import A, it will inject incorrect import data in Eloqua.


  • Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle
    Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle Product Manager Posts: 68 Employee

    Currently, the SFDC App does not support setting priorities on imports. Execution delay is not a recommended workaround, as the order of syncs cannot be guaranteed.

    Could you please share the business problem you are trying to solve? Why sync A must execute before import sync B?

    Thank you,


  • Sumit559
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    Thanks for your reply, Nathan.

    Sync B saves the SFDC lead record in CDO and then links it to an existing contact in Eloqua. If Sync B couldn't find the contact to link, then it creates a new contact. Example: [email protected] lead record going to link with contact [email protected] if [email protected] does not exist then it will create contact with the same email address.

    Now, if Sync A which creates and updates the email addresses of the contact runs after Sync B, it will be a late update for specific contact and can lead to creating two contacts.

    Example: There is an email address update, such as [email protected] updates to [email protected] Sync B picked up the lead [email protected] and tried to link with [email protected] contact in Eloqua.

    But Sync A is yet to update the email address for [email protected], and that's the reason Sync B will create a new contact with [email protected] email address.

    I was trying to find the solution to manage this overlap.

  • Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle
    Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle Product Manager Posts: 68 Employee

    Thank you, @Sumit559 .

    As a workaround, you can try setting imports with a different schedule. For example, Sync A (the email address update) will run with a 15-min delay, while the CDO update will run with a 1-hour delay. This workaround does not guarantee that no dups will be created. We will need to expand the SFDC app to handle this case.


  • claudiazoglmann
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    Hi @Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle ,

    As you've pointed out, this approach only decreases the # of affected records - while it slows down the overall process. We are facing similar issues integrating related objects, on Contact and CDO level, where mitigation may even require additional pseudo Actions to re-trigger Imports of previously affected records, plus a lot of cleanup tasks ...

    Are you indeed considering to bring an Import order or Import dependencies to the App and if so, is there a timeline?


  • Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle
    Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle Product Manager Posts: 68 Employee

    @Sumit559 Following 23B changes, you can now configure the App to sync Contacts or Accounts prior to running CDO updates. If you select any Eloqua CDO object as target, you will see the new "Dependencies" sub-section in the import configuration. I hope you (and others) will find it useful.

    Thank you for your feedback.