Disable Auto Appended URL Parameters

Kyle_Murphy Posts: 9 Green Ribbon

We have a unique scenario in which we need to ensure that a hyperlink (populated by a field merge) is presented exactly as it's saved in the CDO field as additional URL parameters will cause the link to fail due to security concerns.

Unfortunately, despite unchecking the "Enable Eloqua Email Tracking" option in the Email settings and unchecking "Add tracking for untracked external pages" on the individual hyperlink, we are still seeing automatically appending URL parameters for ?elqTrackId=, &elq=, &elqaid=, &elqat=, and &elqCampaignId=.

Is there not a way to disable these for an individual hyperlink?


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  • Piotr Sito
    Piotr Sito Posts: 6 Red Ribbon

    Hello @Kyle_Murphy

    Eloqua tracking parameters are added by default and there is no way to prevent Eloqua from automatically appending them to your hyperlinks.

    If you use Eloqua WYSIWYG email editor when creating your email you can consider adding a "Custom Code" section and add your hyperlink it in the following format <a href="<span class=eloquaemail>CDO Field Name</span>">Link text</a>

    Simply don't use the option below as it will turn your field merge into link url which must start with "http" and must have tracking parameters applied.

    Hope this helps.


    Piotr Sito