Post Data to Server Tip: Transfer data to forms from the same or other Eloqua Installs

Some of you might already be familiar with the "Post Data to Server" form processing step. Maybe you have used it for webinars or other integrations, but did you know you can use it to transfer data across forms from the same or different Eloqua Installs? Stay with me to learn more.


All you need are two forms: the Sender and the Receiver. The Message is your form submission data, and the Medium is Eloqua.

Add the "Post Data to Server" processing step in the sender form.

To configure the constant URL value, open your receiver form, and go to Actions -> View Form HTML -> Integration Details. Here you have all the details for the URL construction, which should have this structure: Action URL + ? + elqFormName=value + elqSiteID=value.

i.e. https://www.123.t.eloqua.com/e/f2?elqFormName=receiverHTMLformName&elqSiteID=123

This link is very similar to the blind form submit URL documented here: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/eloqua-user/Help/Forms/Tasks/CreatingBlindFormSubmitLinks.htm

Now that we have the constant URL value, we can come back to the sender form and populate it. The next step is to map all the target fields with the correct HTML names from the receiver form fields.

Lastly, test the integration to validate that the form submission data is transferred as expected.

Use Cases

How can you leverage the "Post Data to Server" in real-life scenarios?

Use Case 1:

I've recently worked on a cross-divisional project involving multiple Eloqua Installs. We promoted various divisional products on a gated landing page. Each division has its own lead management process, so we shared the interactions with the right Eloqua install based on the products of interest.

Use Case 2:

We have a very particular flow for product trials configured in one master form with multiple processing steps to accommodate it. We were asked to include the product trial functionality on other pages, but replicating the entire set of processing steps was just out of the question. So we used the "Post Data to Server" processing step to route these particular product trials to the master form.

Final Thoughts

Using the "Post Data to Server" to transfer data to forms from the same or different Eloqua installs helped me process data in an automated fashion and ensure a smooth user journey.

Ioana Stofor,

Marketing Automation Consultant @ Logarithmic Solutions