Using Eloqua API Update Dynamic Content Having Huge Data.

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We are creating Emails in Eloqua using Dynamic contents.

In Eloqua Dynamic Content we are using below 3 sections

1) Dynamic Content Rules

  We are creating 40 to 50 rules ( for each country/language combination)

2) Compare Contact Fields

  We are adding Contact field comparisons.

3) Content

  Here we are adding Whole Email Body content (Whole Email HTML content) for specific County/Language.

After adding all the email body contents. We have a situation where we need to update dynamic content using API, ( we are adding email body contents dynamically ).

We used below API to update dynamic content  

Method:    PUT 

URL:    /API/REST/2.0/assets/dynamicContent/{id}

Body:   { .....}

Since we have 50 rules in dynamic content so its taking more time to update. ( Also we facing read and socket timeout exceptions regularly)

Q1) Is there any way we can update Dynamic content chunk by chunk through API ( Instead of updating all the 50 rules once , can we update rule1 to rule 10 etc...)

Q2) Is there any BULK API's available to achieve the same?

Please help us.


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