Mapping Multi Option Sets in Dynamics 365 to Multi Select Picklists in Eloqua

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Our company recently upgraded to Dynamics 365 CRM. We are having issues mapping a multi option set in CRM to a multi select picklist in Eloqua. When we sync, no values are coming over. We have double checked our values and set everything to "always update," but are still experiencing no success.

Anyone else experience this issue? Any advice on how to resolve would be a lifesaver. Thank you!

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    Hi J,

    The issue could be in how the field is formatted. It could be the data is coming over, but the delimiter you are using is not supported so it appears as though nothing is in the field. I believe Eloqua multi-selects support double-colon and double-semicolon delimiters, but I'm having trouble finding documentation to that effect.

    Try copying your auto-synch and filtering it down to a single record either by MSCRM Contact ID or email address. In your copied auto-synch only map the bare minimum fields, so email address, MSCRM Contact ID, and the field you are working with. Then, check the field population details on that record (instead of looking at the contact directly). If there are less than 1000 unique values you should be able to see the value if it comes over. https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/eloqua-user/Help/ContactFields/Tasks/ViewingContactFieldPopulationDetails.htm

    I would also try mapping to a large text field to see if the data comes over at all. A large text should accept any value you send at it up to 32,000 characters.