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Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 21C

Lou Patrick
Lou Patrick Posts: 192 Gold Badge
edited Aug 27, 2021 8:12PM in Developer Tools

A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 21C:

New features

Application API

  • Asynchronous Form Processing via API is now available for the Create form data for a single form endpoint. Learn more.


  • More detailed 401 error responses are now available when authenticating with OAuth 2.0:
    "error": "unknown_token",
    "error_code": 2501,
    "error_description": "Provided Token is Unknown."
  • Here's a description of each property:
    • error: The name of the error type.
    • error_code: The numeric value uniquely identifying the type of error.
    • error_description: Provides details on the error.
  • Errors have been divided into categories indicated by the 1000s digit of the error_code according to the following:
    • 1000: General Error Messages
    • 2000: Error Messages Related to Authentication
    • 2500: Error Messages Related to OAuth2.0 Authentication
    • 3000: Error Messages Related to Authorization

For more information see the product notice, or refer to the documentation.

Bulk API

  • Bulk API imports now accept json encoded in surrogate pairs, e.g. \uD83D\uDE03. UPDATE August 27, 2021: This feature will no longer be included in 21C.
  • When an external ID is used as the identifierFieldName for imports, the Bulk API will now extract the ID and match on the ID. This change improves the performance of imports. The following external IDs are extracted and matched:

Recent changes

App Developer Framework

  • When there is no response to the Notification URL call from the App, Eloqua will now retry the Notification URL call over approximately an eight-hour period of time instead of failing after one attempt.
  • For Content services, Eloqua will now set records to "error" as soon as errors occur. Previously there was a 24 hour delay.

Bulk API

  • Resolved an issue where the createdAt timestamp in the Create sync endpoint response was not matching the createdAt timestamp in the Retrieve a sync endpoint response.
  • We have added an improved retry strategy to cover a wider variety of failures that can occur during Bulk API export.
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