New Insight Feature Overview: HTML Markup

Otilia Antipa-Oracle
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With Oracle Eloqua's 23A release, we introduced HTML Markup for Insight. This post is a brief overview on what you need to know to get you started. HTML (HyperText Markup language) is the standard language used in web development and consists of several elements that allow you to format content and display options. In other words, it provides instructions on how you want these elements (text, tables, paragraphs, margins etc..) to appear. You can leverage this feature to customize and personalize reports and dashboards.

Where can I use html in Insight?

In Insight you will now be able to create a markup with the following properties:

  • Analysis Editor
  • Analysis Properties dialog
  • Column Properties dialog
  • Calculated Measure dialog
  • Dashboard Properties dialog

What are some examples of markup I can use?

Note that you can also use also include CSS properties.

To center the text: <CENTER>Centered Text</CENTER>·     

To make the text bold: <B>Bold Text</B>·     

To set font size and color: <FONT SIZE=“4” COLOR=“red”>Red Text</FONT>·     

You can also combine tags for additional effects: <CENTER><B><FONT COLOR=“red”>Bold Centered Red Text</FONT></B></CENTER>

Is there anything I need to do to enable html markup for Insight?

Html Markup is already enabled and ready for you to use in Insight, with the 23A release. However, it’s important to note that if you insert html in the supported areas, you need to select the checkbox “Contains HTML Markup”. If you insert the codes without selecting the option, then the codes are displayed as readable text within the message.


  • derek.bell
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    Is there any chance you could provide a visual of a completed report, please? What would a report look like if you used this new functionality for an internal Oracle report? It would be great to see what's possible vs. just instructions on how to do it.

  • Otilia Antipa-Oracle
    Otilia Antipa-Oracle Principal Product Manager Posts: 111 Employee
    edited Feb 9, 2023 11:10PM

    Hey @derek.bell absolutely! As mentioned this was a brief overview in getting started, we’ll show case some examples along with demos in a future post - if you have any requests for specific formatting, let me know and we’ll make sure to cover them :)